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:::It's actually pronounced on the first syllable: /'muzik/, which I believe also happens in Köln. --[[Gebroeker:Ooswesthoesbes|OosWesThoesBes]] ([[Euverlèk gebroeker:Ooswesthoesbes|euverlègk]]) 31 okt 2020 08:16 (CET)
::::Per [], the pronunciation with initial stress is a western regionalism, rather than a prescribed Standard German pronunciation. I'm still not convinced that the word has a Standard German origin. It could be regionally pronounced /ˈmʊzɪk/ (actually almost [ˈmuzik] for some people in the area) because of the Ripuarian influence. [[Gebroeker:Sol505000|Sol505000]] ([[Euverlèk gebroeker:Sol505000|euverlègk]]) 31 okt 2020 08:41 (CET)
:::::I think that is still covered, albeit ambiguously. The term "Dütsj" refers to German in a broad sense, including anything Ripuarian-inspired, and not to Hoeagduutsj specifically. I think adding a simple disclaimer like "Dütsje wäörd (of wäörd oet Duutsje streekspraok)" would suffice. --[[Gebroeker:Ooswesthoesbes|OosWesThoesBes]] ([[Euverlèk gebroeker:Ooswesthoesbes|euverlègk]]) 31 okt 2020 08:49 (CET)
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