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:However you choose to handle this situation, having articles written in one and the same language variety (the Kerkrade dialect of Ripuarian) split over two Wikipedias is the worst possible solution. It's not even that speakers of Kerkraads consider it to be a separate language (so that the situation is unlike Serbo-Croatian), it's that they're unaware of the correct linguistic classification. Even ''Kirchröadsjer Dieksiejoneer'' says that the dialect is a Ripuarian one and not Limburgish. [,11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111.pdf Here], on the official website of the German town of Herzogenrath it clearly says that the two towns share the same dialect. Then why don't you also allow the Aachen dialect here? Isn't it as similar to the Kerkrade dialect as other Ripuarian varieties spoken in the Netherlands? After all, you already allow editors to write in a dialect that is used in Germany (in addition to the Netherlands, yes, but still).
:Ripuarian lacks proper government recognition in the Netherlands. In that regard it seems to be the same as Zeelandic and Brabantian, except that it is - wrongly - treated as "Limburgish". I know that there are bilingual signs in Kerkrade, just as there are in Maastricht - but that doesn't make the legal classification of the few Ripuarian dialects spoken in the extreme south of the province as "Limburgish" linguistically accurate. In fact, we really just have to refer to the situation with Serbo-Croatian in the former Yugoslavia to see that politics is the enemy of science when it comes to linguistics. Also, remember that Limburgish is also spoken in Belgium, where it has no government recognition - so why should that be a deciding factor on anything?
:Before you ask, yes, I can follow written Dutch and German to an extent, which makes reading Limburgish to be a relatively easy task. I can understand most (maybe not most, but a large portion of) what you've written. [[Gebroeker:Sol505000|Sol505000]] ([[Euverlèk gebroeker:Sol505000|euverlègk]]) 31 okt 2020 03:49 (CET)
== Verandering van de uitspraak van het Kerkraads? ==


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