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Hi, I'm not so sure about [ this rollback]. While it needed some copy editing and contained an external link, it was on topic: the text contained info about AI in poker and the link was not an advertisement but an article on a site with poker news. Also, the text was written in Limburgish, which spam typically isn't (excluding local spam of course). Could you please explain your action? [[Gebroeker:Steinbach|Steinbach]] ([[Euverlèk gebroeker:Steinbach|euverlègk]]) 23 sep 2019 13:32 (CEST)
:It appears to be spam to me as only this user and one other who added additional spam links are placing it cross-wiki. I call this link or ref spam that appears on the surface to be legit but is really just an attempt to work SEO magic. [[Gebroeker:Praxidicae|Praxidicae]] ([[Euverlèk gebroeker:Praxidicae|euverlègk]]) 23 sep 2019 13:34 (CEST)
:If this is okay here, please feel free to revert me. :) [[Gebroeker:Praxidicae|Praxidicae]] ([[Euverlèk gebroeker:Praxidicae|euverlègk]]) 23 sep 2019 13:35 (CEST)


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